Mozart - Piano Concertos Nos. 12 & 20

Experiencing great works from a new perspective, being part of the process of creation and being able to highlight new facets of famous compositions almost 250 years after their creation – this is what the New Classic Ensemble Wien has set out for this project. Here, the focus is on the incomparable piano concertos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart K. 466 (arranged by Carl Czerny), K. 414 and Rondo K. 385 (arranged by Lisa Smirnova)

paladino music 2021

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Die Acht Großen Suiten

„… Her overarching capacity for structural creativity not only lends each suite its own unique character despite the standardized dances, which nevertheless vary in their sequence, but each individual movement is also given a seemingly natural progression, which one follows spellbound from the first note to the last. Handel’s Suites: little pedagogical piano “lessons” and pleasing occasional music, and as such, in no position to be compared to the cosmos of J.S. Bach? Whoever maintains such prejudiced thinking after Lisa Smirnova is deaf to a shining hour of pianistic artistry, not only to baroque provenance.“ Christoph Braun, Rondo Magazin, 2012

ECM 2012

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Live at the Concertgebouw

Lisa Smirnova - Live at the Concertgebouw„A performance almost unique in its own more epic way, allowing it to stand with the many other fine accounts by Buchbinder, Barenboim, Brendel, Schnabel and scores of others. Again … this one is a standout.“  (Robert Cummings, Classical.net 2017)

Paladino Music 2016

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Shostakovich - Prokofiev - Weill

Lisa Smirnova collaborated intensively with violinist Benjamin Schmid for nearly twenty years. Three rare chamber music transcriptions of sophisticated works for piano by Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Kurt Weill’s world famous „Threepenny Opera” – each from the time of composition, are the focus of this exciting album.

Ondine 2015

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Johann Sebastian Bach

The second release of the prize-winning recording from 1996 with Benjamin Schmid!
Sonatas and Partitas for Violin by J.S. Bach with piano accompaniment by R. Schumann.

MDG 1996/2010

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Man lebt nur einmal

A collection of incomparable Waltzes by Chopin, Satie, Tchakovsky, Schubert, Scriabin and Johann Strauss with the famous “La Valse” by Ravel as a highlight.
The first solo release by Lisa Smirnova.

Oehms Classics 2003

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