Concert design

A new, essential component of Lisa Smirnova’s artistic activities is concert design: she creates new performance formats for classical music with the goal of setting them in contemporary contexts with other artistic disciplines, thus creating access for a new and courageous audience with an interest in culture. The premiere of the work by Lisa Smirnova and Alexander Borowski, “Visual Interpretation without Performer”, based on Fantasy in C Minor, KV 396/385f by W. A. Mozart took place on 22 October 2020 at the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf.

W. A. Mozart, Fantasy in C Minor, KV396/385f: Visual Interpretation without Performer, 2020

“Visual Interpretation without Performer” seeks to convey musical form as well as aspects of interpretation in the performance of a classical piano work without a human on the stage. A projection on the instrument and stage takes the form of planetary surfaces morphing into each other; the interpretation is represented by their plastic modulation. We see the projection where these aspects would normally be embodied by a person at the instrument.

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