New Classic Ensemble Wien

Benjamin Ziervogel, 1. Violin
Werner Neugebauer, 2. Violin
Firmian Lermer, Viola
Detlef Milka, Cello
Herwig Neugebauer, Double Bass

From the constantly growing desire to create a historically informed, transparent and homogeneous soundscape with the modern grand piano, pianist Lisa Smirnova founded The New Classic Ensemble Wien in Vienna in 2007, and has since then performed and created much of her work with them.

The program of the ensemble consists of the cornerstones in Lisa Smirnova’s repertoire – piano concerti by baroque and classical masters. Works are performed in small groups and combined with chamber music of different time periods, frequently also with commissioned new works. The musicians attach great importance to the precision and authenticity of the performances, but are eager to leave space for creativity, improvisation and vitality in the interpretation.

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